AOC Captains

October 31, 2022

AOC Captains

AOC Captains

With twelve aircraft on the DEA fleet (alll DA42s) and the plan to bring another three aircraft on stream globally in 2015, DEA is looking for its next tranche of AOC captains.

With an eclectic mix of types of flying, together with a wide range of locations and demanding tasking from our partners, DEA could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Basic salary for entry level AOC captains in the region of £25,000 plus disbursements and flying pay, expected OTE £30,000+

Flying experience requirements

Our requirements for an AOC captain is:

  • Over 700 hours total time
  • Over 400 hours in command
  • Over 100 hours IR time
  • Over 50 hours MEP/IR

Training Qualifications / Experience required

  • Commercial Transport / Military Operations
  • DA42 / G1000 / Glass Cockpit experience preferred
  • Flexibility and adaptability with great interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with senior operational personnel on behalf of DEA and our partners

Selection process

Our selection process is demanding to ensure that only the most appropriate pilots are recruited.

The recruitment process broadly follows this process.

  • Initial CV screening: typically of 100 CVs, 20 candidates are invited to interview
  • Initial Interviews: Last half a day and includes a DA42 knowledge test, psychometric exams, three formal interviews with Flight Ops/Ground Ops/CEO. Typically of 16 attendees, 8 invited for gap analysis flight
  • Gap analysis flight: 2-3 hour flight with DEA CAA AOC examiner with detailed feedback, candidate will be required to pay a £500 fee. Of 6 people who perform a gap analysis flight, on average 2-3 ‘pass’


  • Ground Segment: 4 Weeks of AOC operations, DA42 operations, single pilot CRM, dangerous goods, security, GNSS ops, EFB, FTL
  • Ground Exam:3 hour verbal exam
  • Flight segment: 3 Weeks of flight training that includes the following:
  • Differences Training
  • DA42 OPC
  • DA42 LPC
  • Right Hand Seat check
  • 10 line sectors
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