A320 Rated and Non Type Rated First Officers

October 31, 2022

A320 Rated and Non Type Rated First Officers

A320 Rated and Non Type Rated First Officers

Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium starts a selection procedure for a recruitment reserve of candidate A320 First Officers. For rated and non-rated pilots: a temporary contract will be offered (pending successful training) including line training and line qualification.
This offer is open to non-rated and rated candidates.

Minimum requirements:

  • Being holder of an unrestricted EU passport¬†
  • Holder of EASA or Part-FCL ATPL Theory credit with CPL/IR , or full ATPL Licence
  • Academic background: at least university-entrance-level education, with emphasis on sciences and mathematics; additional scientific qualifications are appreciated
  • Valid IR-ME
  • Certificate of MCC , or hold or have held a type rating on MEP aircraft :
  • MCC must have been performed on transport category jet aircraft (level: FAR 25 or CS 25), preferably on Full Flight Simulator, and including elements of jet orientation course (JOC)
  • ICAO English Level 5 or 6
  • Conversational level in Dutch and French
  • EASA Medical Class 1
The selection procedure consists of following steps, each to be passed before proceeding to the next step:

  1. Screening of C.V. : check of requirements above
  2. Written test (open questions) on following ATPL Theory subjects: principles of flight, performance class A, meteorology, air law, jet engines
  3. Interview
  4. Simulator screening
  5. Psychological screening, including pilot aptitude testing and intelligence testing

Experienced pilots (more than 1000 hours on a turboprop or jet airliner type) will be exempted from the theory subjects meteorology, air law and jet engines.

Successful candidates will be listed on a waiting list.

When, at the discretion of the company, candidates are offered employment, non-type rated pilots will perform a A320 type rating course within a Thomas Cook Airlines Group ATO, paid for by the company.

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