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Listed Pay Rate – Per Year
FleetNo detailed payscale available yet.
Brief Payscale (please state whether before or after tax) (please ignore if the detailed payscale above is up to date)After tax: € 117627 (33641)Basic Salary – € 83986 Guaranteed Flt Allow.) Loyalty Bonus: 2-4 yrs = 5%, 5-10 yrs = 10% 10 yrs + = 15%€ 68761 (SFO) (€ 19665 Basic Salary – € 49095 Guaranteed Flt Allow.) Loyalty Bonus: 3 yrs = based on performance of the airline FY2017 1,7% – 14% pending on profit€ 56300 (FO) (€ 16,101 Basic Salary – € 40,198 Guaranteed Flt Allow.) Loyalty Bonus: 3 yrs = based on performance of the airline FY2017 1,7% – 14% pending on profit€ 45040 (FO) (€ 12881 Basic Salary – € 32158 Guaranteed Flt Allow.) Loyalty Bonus: 3 yrs = based on performance of the airline FY2017 1,7% – 14% pending on profit
e45,000 basic pay. e14,400 sector pay. Total: e59,440. Bonus opportunity 0,4% to 4%
Last updated:4/Dec/1724/Jul/1724/Jul/1724/Jul/172/Dec/22
Additional Duty Pay / Per Diems for Brussels Airlines Pilot JobsSector Pay E34.20 (E68.40 >35 sectors in rostered month) Daily Allowance (Diaria) E53.33Sector Pay E20.50 (E40.50 >35 sectors in rostered month) Daily Allowance (Diaria) E46.95Sector Pay E20.50 (E40.50 >35 sectors in rostered month) Daily Allowance (Diaria) E46.95
Last updated:24/Jul/1724/Jul/1724/Jul/17
easyJet Pilot Jobs Entry Requirements (including preferred pilot schools)Internal upgrade – minimum 3000 factored eJ hrs to be eligible.SFO: >2500 factored hrs FO: 1500-2499 factored hrsN/ANil
Last updated:6/Jul/126/Jul/126/Jul/126/Jul/12
easyJet Pilot Jobs SituationLast updated:
Current Situation:positive – steady growth with consequent slow but continuous hiring24/Apr/17
Outlook:Ongoing recruitment however no direct entry into Italy. Waiting list for Italian bases can be up to 7 years depending on base/rank24/Apr/17
Overall Hiring Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):Positive24/Apr/17
Recruitment Process for easyJet Pilot JobsLast updated:
Practice aptitude and psychometric tests here.
(Tech Paper, Numerical Reasoning, Pilapt and Group Assessment followed by interview. DEC must complete Sim Assessment)
Currently all recruitment for permanent employment from Flexicrew Pilots with a minimum of 500 factored hrs & 6 months experience incl. a recurrent sim. Expect a series of group exercises, a brief technical exam on the A320 and a 2 on 1 interview with pilot management and HR bod. You then enter a holdpool waiting for a position in chosen base.6/Jul/12
FleetLast updated:
Current:Expansion in Italy confirmed. 2 additional planes joining in VCE and 1 in NAP from Summer 2018 onwards. Total 19x in MXP (+1 spare), 7 in VCE and 6 in NAP.22/Jan/18
Orders:A320: 516/Jul/12
Pension Details for easyJet Pilot JobsLast updated:
7% into a private pension fund.13/Feb/17
Conditions for easyJet Pilot JobsLast updated:
RosterFixed pattern 5 on 4 off with 1 random roster month every 9, roster published 17th of each following calendar month. Preferential bidding for ‘late’, ‘early’, ‘transitions’, ‘layovers’ and others. New crew (CPT, SFO and FO) in Italy have 1 year of random roster before starting fixed pattern.23/Apr/19
Staff travelYes6/Jul/12
DiscountedNot really – 5% with easyJet Holidays6/Jul/12
easyJet Pilot Jobs Recruitment ContactLast updated:
Preferred method of application:Currently via Preferred Pilot Suppliers, either CTC or Parc, then internally once min. company experience achieved.6/Jul/12
Name:Nicola Martino6/Jul/12
Job Title:Pilot Manager Italy6/Jul/12
(To find out whether your email application has been read use VisualCV)
Pilot vacancies webpage:http://careers.easyjet.com/careers-in-the-air/pilot-careers/6-Jul-12
Online application form link:
Bases For easyJet Pilot Jobs (including restrictions for recent pilot school graduates)Last updated:
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