Pilots’ Detailed Payscale- please state whether payscale is before or after tax
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Listed Pay Rate – Per Year
15N/A3300 EUR
14N/A3300 EUR
13N/A3300 EUR
12N/A3300 EUR
11N/A3300 EUR
102300 EUR3300 EUR
92300 EUR3300 EUR
82300 EUR3300 EUR
72300 EUR3300 EUR
62300 EUR3300 EUR
52300 EUR3300 EUR
42300 EUR3300 EUR
32300 EUR3300 EUR
22300 EUR3300 EUR
12100 EUR3300 EUR
Brief Payscale (please state whether before or after tax) (please ignore if the detailed payscale above is up to date)3300 EUR2300 EUR
Last updated:5/Oct/155/Oct/15
Additional Duty Pay / Per Diems for BH Air Pilot Jobs140 EUR per flying day while based out of Bulgaria.110 EUR per flying day while based out of Bulgaria.
Last updated:15/Aug/1615/Aug/16
BH Air Pilot Jobs Entry Requirements (including preferred pilot schools)Direct Entry Captain for Vietnam Contract, flight hours: 5,000 hours, A320 PIC flight time: 500 minimumDirect Entry First Officer for Vietnam Contract, flight hours: 1,000 hours, A320 flight time: 500 minimum
Last updated:20/Jun/1620/Jun/16
BH Air Airlines Pilot Jobs SituatioLast updated:
Current Situation:Stopping A330 ops27/Mar/17
Outlook:Positive hiring both F/O and Captains since more than 50% of the pilots left the company since last year, due to very bad conditions (permanent standby and very low salary).20/Jun/16
Overall Hiring Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):Neutral27/Mar/17
Recruitment Process for BH Air Pilot JobsLast updated:
Practice aptitude and psychometric tests here.
(Tech Paper, Numerical Reasoning, Pilapt and Group Assessment followed by interview. DEC must complete Sim Assessment)
FleetLast updated:
Current:1xA319 (LZ-AOA), 5xA320(CFM-IAE), 1xA321 (LZ-BHK), 1xA330-223 (LZ-AWA), 1xG200, 1xG55015/Aug/16
Orders:None, buying only very hold aircarfts, latest one LZ-BHJ (Airbus Serial number 142), even older than the first one that they ordered many years ago LZ-BHB (MSN 294).15/Aug/16
Pension Details for BH Air Pilot JobsLast updated:
Conditions for BH Air Pilot JobsLast updated:
RosterBad roster for both A320 / A330 crews, roster received once a week, on Wednesday for the next week (starting next Friday + additional revisions received during the week end). Permanent unofficial standby, as you need to live close to the airport in Bulgaria or in company hotel while abroad to be ready to take any additional flight. Expect 100 hours per month during the summer charter in Bulgaria. No Holiday allowed from May to October.20/Jun/16
Staff travelOfficially unlimited on BH Air flights (summer only) but as the flight are almost always full during charter season, nobody can use it.5/Oct/15
BH Air Pilot Jobs Recruitment ContactLast updated:
Preferred method of application:Direct contact at BH Air headquarter.23/Feb/13
Name:CEO Ianko Ivanov: iankoivanov@bhairlines.com12/Oct/15
Job Title:
Address:BH Air Ltd. 7A Dyakon Ignatii Street Sofia, 1000 Bulgaria11/Jan/12
(To find out whether your email application has been read use VisualCV)
Pilot vacancies webpage:bhair@bhairlines.com11-Jan-12
Online application form link:
Bases For BH Air Pilot Jobs (including restrictions for recent pilot school graduates)Last updated:
Current: Sofia, Burgas (Summer Charter in BG) and Ho Chi Minh flying for VietJet (Vietnam). Past, Delhi/Ahmedabad flying for SpiceJet (India), Asmara (Eritrean Airlines), Yangon (Myanmar International Airlines), Bangkok (Thailand), Ras Al Khaimah (RAK Airways), Sharjah (Air Arabia), Lagos (Virgin Nigeria), Ghana, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan…
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