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Listed Pay Rate – Per Year
FleetNo detailed payscale available yet.
Brief Payscale (please state whether before or after tax) (please ignore if the detailed payscale above is up to date)6,7906,3444160€ after tax (150 duty hours)3275€ after tax (150 duty hours)2200€ after tax (150 duty hours)1385€ after tax (150 duty hours)
Last updated:10/Feb/2310/Feb/2327/Jan/2320/Jan/2320/Jan/2320/Jan/23
Additional Duty Pay / Per Diems for Air Dolomiti Pilot JobsPer diem 75€/day Base salary includes 120 duty hours Duty hours 120-170 47€/hour Duty hours above 170 95€/hous Extra bonus 60€/day (Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep)Per diem 75€/day Base salary includes 120 duty hours Duty hours 120-170 25€/hour Duty hours above 170 60€/hous Extra bonus 35€/day (Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep)
Last updated:15/Jan/2315/Jan/23
Air Dolomiti Jobs Entry Requirements (including preferred pilot schools)No direct entry Captains. Upgrading internal FO’sAircraft model: Embraer 195 Type required: No Languages: Italian fluent EASA ATPL or Frozen ATPL (CPL with ATPL subjects); Current ME/IR Land; Current ME/IR Land; EASA Class 1 flight crew medical certificate; ICAO Level 4 proficiency in English language or higher; The unrestricted right to live and work in the EU; Possess strong and effective team working competencies; Be committed to service excellence.
Last updated:20/Aug/134/Jan/23
Air Dolomiti Pilot Jobs SituationLast updated:
Current Situation:
Hiring FO Non type rated. Type Rating paid by Air Dolomiti. People living for low cost airlines6/Feb/23
Overall Hiring Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):Positive6/Feb/23
Recruitment Process for Air Dolomiti JobsLast updated:
DLR test Psycho-aptitudinal assessment Simulator assessment4/Jan/23
FleetLast updated:
Current17 Embraer 19525/Oct/22
OrderCurrent: 19 EMB195-190 Plan to receive 7 E190 from Lufthansa CityLine4/Jan/23
Pension Details for Air Dolomiti Pilot JobsLast updated:
Full state pension scheme plus additional private pension scheme which increase state pension by 30%4/Jan/23
Conditions for Emerald Airlines Pilot JobsLast updated:
RosterMostly 4-day trip, sometimes 3-day or 2 day 5-day trip allowed 2 times per month until end of 2023 (company using 3+3 schemes or 3+2 to bypass the contract) the allowed only 4 times per year Minimum 10 off days per month 17-18 flying days per month6/Feb/23
LeaveStarting from 30 days to 38 a year depending on seniority. Very rare to get your holiday as you want6/Feb/23
Staff travelYes, MyID4/Jan/23
Air Dolomiti Jobs Recruitment ContactLast updated:
Preferred method of application:Web applications only4/Jan/23
Job Title:direct Entry First Officers non Type Rated4/Jan/23
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Pilot vacancies webpage:
Online application form link:
Bases For Air Dolomiti Jobs (including restrictions for recent pilot school graduates)Last updated:
Verona Florence Venice
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