Pilot In Command Global Express

October 31, 2022

Pilot In Command Global Express

Pilot In Command Global Express

As the worldwide leader in aircraft management and private jet charter services, Executive Jet Management Europe (EJME) builds on the expertise of over 35 years’ experience of private aircraft operations. Spearheading the European Operation alongside the EJM programs in the United States and China, EJM Europe is backed by both NetJets and Berkshire Hathaway, ensuring a seamless integration with the world’s largest private aviation infrastructure and resources.

The Captain – Global Express at EJME 

The Captain – Global Express is Oxford based and operates the EJME aeroplane in compliance with procedures and limits stated in the applicable company’s manuals and directives, and national and international regulations and procedures. The Captain – Falcon 2000 LXS also operates and decides courses of action that, at all times, guarantee the safety of the aeroplane, its passengers and its crew.


Key responsibilities  

    • Confirm if the aircraft is operational to safely perform the flight
    • Operate the aircraft in a safe and efficient manner, being the first responsible to give all commands necessary to guarantee high levels of safety on-board, in order to assure the safety of the passengers and guarantee compliance with aviation regulations
    • Ensure that the aircraft is cleaned and prepared for flight with all provisions on board for the safety and comfort of the passengers
    • Provide customers with an exceptional and personalized service
    • Coordinate the functioning of all crew members, in order to ensure the smooth, safe and efficient operation of the aircraft
    • Make decisions necessary to start, delay, or cancel flights and deviate the flight from planned route or destination in accordance with applicable regulations when operating conditions dictate
    • Ensure all required documents, manuals and certifications are carried and remain valid throughout the flight
    • Identify potential hazards to the safety of the aeroplane or its occupants and make the necessary decisions to ensure safety


 Who we are looking for

    • A minimum of 3.000 hours total flight time
    • Airline Transport Pilot Licence with appropriate type ratings
    • European Union class 1 medical
    • Multi-crew experience (500 hours)
    • Pass an upgrade course (Ground school and SIM) – direct entry captain on non commercial operations may receive a dispensation to meet this requirement
    • Complete line training as a captain (including the line check for commercial operations)
    • Extensive European flight experience
    • Clear demonstration of excellent performance
    • Strong commercial aviation background (EUOPS and/or AIROPS environment is an advantage)
    • Military or airline training is an advantage
    • Fluency in English (preferably level 6), and a knowledge of two or more European languages is an advantage

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