Loganair recruitment for former Flybe employees

5th March 2020

Loganair recruitment for former Flybe employees

Firstly, on behalf of the 900-strong team at Loganair, we’d like to say how sorry we were to hear of the closure of Flybe. Many of us have faced the same situation in our own careers, and know only too well of the distress and uncertainty that today’s events will cause both for you and those dependent upon you. The thoughts and sympathies of all at Loganair are very much with you and your colleagues.

We have today announced that we will be adding several aircraft and routes to Loganair’s operation over the coming weeks. These will be aircraft of types presently operated by Loganair and the expansion will take place exclusively at existing Loganair bases in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle.

Our objective is to ensure that, despite this expansion, we do not add unwelcome or unwieldy complexity to our business. Although there are undoubtedly some viable opportunities at other airports formerly served by Flybe that we shall thus have to forego, we believe that it is essential to the future success and sustainability of Loganair that our programme of expansion is firmly within our operational and financial means.

We will be recruiting for:

 Cabin Crew

 Engineers

 Pilots

Further information on the roles and locations for each workgroup can be found in the following pages. You’ll also find some background information about Loganair towards the end of this document. There will be a limited number of new head office support roles as well, primarily based at Loganair’s head office in Glasgow. We will be prioritising former Flybe employees into all available vacancies, to help as many of you into work again as quickly as we reasonably can. A special recruitment e-mail has been established for you to submit your CV and covering letter or note: this is flyberecruitment@loganair.co.uk. Please use this address when getting in touch with us.

Important Information To help expedite your transition to another employer (whether with Loganair or elsewhere), we’d strongly recommend that you seek to obtain a copy of your training file from Flybe including confirmation of all elements of transferable training and licences/approvals that you as an individual may hold. There may only be a limited time in which you are able to obtain these before IT servers are taken off line. From a security perspective, we’d also ask that you ensure your ID cards and items of uniform are kept safe and secure.

Cabin Crew

We will be recruiting cabin crew members to be based at:

 Aberdeen

 Edinburgh

 Glasgow

 Newcastle

Crew members at our bases in Scotland will be type-rated onto all three types operated by Loganair: the ATR42/72; the Embraer 135/145; and the Saab 340 aircraft. The ATR72 is operated with two cabin crew members whilst all other types are flown as single-crew. As such, it is essential that you are able and willing to operate a mixed roster of flying from one day to the next, operating as a single cabin crew member as well as forming part of the team of two crew on our ATR72 aircraft. The majority of our flight duties begin and end at the same airport each day. In addition, we have regular duties which involve overnights away from base, typically for one night in locations such as Kirkwall or Sumburgh as part of a two-day pattern of eight or ten sectors. There are infrequent requirements for away-from-base coverage at our smaller bases such as Isle of Man, Derry or Chester, which will normally be covered by volunteers where needed at rostering stage, but could be assigned to any crew member if called out from standby. Loganair provides complimentary in-flight service to every customer on all of its routes, and we have no plans to change the service offering in light of our planned expansion. The inflight service is of tea, coffee, soft drinks and a range of snacks; we do not carry or serve alcohol on scheduled services. Turnround cleaning is the responsibility of our cabin crew members, for which an additional sector payment is made.


We will be recruiting Licensed Aircraft Engineers for our existing line maintenance stations at Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. A type-rating on a type operated by Loganair (Saab 340, ATR42/72, Embraer 135/145 or Twin Otter) would be advantageous but is not essential. We’re also recruiting to increase our Line Maintenance Control function based at our Glasgow head office to 24/7 coverage. Licensed engineer coverage is desirable but not essential for these roles. For both line and LMC positions, working patterns are typically within a 4-on, 4-off shift pattern including night-shift cover.


We will be recruiting for the following bases and fleets: Aberdeen Captains & First Officers ATR72 or Embraer 135/145 Edinburgh Captains & First Officers ATR72 or Embraer 135/145 Glasgow Captains & First Officers ATR72 Newcastle Captains & First Officers Embraer 135/145

In addition, we have a small number of vacancies arising from the routine course of business on our Saab 340 freighter fleet for Captains at East Midlands; on our Saab 340 fleet for Captains at Aberdeen; and on our DHC6 Twin Otter fleet for Captains at Glasgow.

For Direct Entry Captain vacancies, we are seeking 3,000 hrs TT including a minimum of 500 hours P1 time. For First Officer vacancies, a current ATPL with valid Class 1 Medical with 250 hours is the minimum requirement; for F/Os with greater experience levels, we do have a Senior First Officer programme which is accessible within Loganair. We welcome pilots with a broad range of experience and will not focus our recruitment exclusively on low-hour pilots.

Loganair’s training programme does not contain provisions for pilots holding MPL licences, and so at this time, we regret that we are unable to consider applications from MPL holders.

If you hold a valid type-rating on an aircraft type relevant to Loganair (ATR, Embraer 135/145, Saab 340 or DHC6 Twin Otter), even if you are no longer current on type, please do clearly flag this up as part of your application. Although we appreciate these are different types to those operated by Flybe, using an existing type rating if you hold one will enable you to resume flying as quickly as possible. Where a new type rating is required, this will be funded by Loganair but with a paper bond of up to three years.

Flying patterns vary across the bases, although a common feature is that weekends are generally quieter than weekdays in the Loganair operation. There are some away-from-base nightstops within the roster pattern, with Aberdeen-based ATR crews night-stopping Kirkwall, and Glasgow-based ATR crews will have a Southampton nightstop, but these are generally two-day patterns rather than prolonged touring. Some out-of-base flying can be rostered or form part of standby call-outs to cover operational needs such as leave or sickness at other bases.


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