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First Officer - Non-Type Rated - Cadet Level

Airline Operator Certificate/Location is selected during the application process, this job advertisement is valid only for Wizz Air Hungary/Wizz Air Malta and Wizz Air UK locations.

If you would like to join our Flight Crew team as a Non-Type Rated First Officer into the position of an Airbus A320 First Officer, please see below the requirements for applying:

● Unrestricted right to live and work in the EU or Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, North Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom
● Valid EASA / UK CAA Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) or Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
● Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate
● Valid Instrument Rating (IR) for Multi-Engine aeroplane (ME)
● Last flight within the preceding 6 months (prefereble, not hard limit due to COVID-19 effects)
● ATPL theory completed* (certificate or license endorsement as remark)
● MCC course completed** (certificate or license endorsement as remark)
● UPRT training completed*** (certificate and 3 hours TTL logbook entry on certified aircraft)
● ICAO level 4/5/6 English proficiency


● Total 145 hours actual flight time on fixed wing aircraft**** with integrated ATPL theory completed


● Total 200 hours actual flight time on fixed wing aircraft**** with CPL/IR training completed in modular system


*ATPL theory certificate issued by any EASA / UK CAA or entered into the license

**MCC is not required if multi-crew aircraft flown before or complex type rating (e.g. B737) completed

***Advanced UPRT is not required if any type rating on complex aircraft completed before

**** Ultra-light aircraft, power gliders, simulator and helicopter hours are excluded

During the application process, you will need to have your:

● Resume/CV prepared in DOCX, PDF, Image or Text format
● Cover/motivational letter prepared in DOCX, PDF, Image or Text format if you wish to upload (optional)
● Passport scanned
● Flight Crew License scanned
● Class1 Medical License scanned
● ATPL Certifcate scanned (if applicable)
● MCC Certificate scanned (if applicable)
● JOC Certificate scanned (if applicable)
● UPRT Certificate scanned (if applicalbe)
● Pilot Logbook prepared, so you are able to enter your previous experience

To apply for this job please visit careers.wizzair.com.

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