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Job description
We are looking for you as First Officer for A320 / A321neo

Have you always dreamed of a job as a First Officer at Transavia? Is flying your passion and do you want to work for the friendliest society in the Netherlands? Then read on quickly. We are looking for enthusiastic, experienced First Officers and would like to get in touch with you. We want to train you directly for our new Airbus fleet.


What are you going to do?

As First Officer Airbus A320 / A321neo at Transavia, you are responsible for the safe and efficient execution of our challenging flight operation. Together with the full crew you contribute to a really good journey, both for the passengers and for ourselves.

Doing business is just doing it with us. Every flight, under the leadership of the Captain, you ensure a safe and enjoyable flight for all people on board. You do this together with the crew and colleagues who support flight preparation and operations, inside and outside Transavia.

As a First Officer at Transavia you can make many take-offs and landings at varied airports, from Greek islands and popular city trip destinations to Norwegian fjords and snowy runways in Lapland. Enough destinations with challenging factors such as high terrain and weather influences. So you are really busy with your profession! And you have the most beautiful view in the world that you share with professional and enthusiastic colleagues.

You will work in a team of over 600 kites, who are known for their responsibility and kindness. You work in the Airbus division which is part of the Flight Service department. This department also consists of Flight Technical Affairs, Flight Crew Training, Flight Operations Support and Project Pilots. The ultimate responsibility for the department is in the hands of Peter Smit, Head of Flight Service. Together we ensure safety on board and optimal operations for our passengers and colleagues.


More concrete?

Beautiful destinations within Europe;
Some nice destinations with one or more overnight stays (s);
Get excellent training from highly experienced instructors.

Who are you?

You are an experienced kite that meets our minimum selection criteria (see: );
You are ‘ disposable ’, or able to do your work well, safely and with pleasure with other colleagues and in other circumstances. We need this to get better at what we do and to move with the ever-changing world around us.


What can you expect from us?

A Type Rating on the Airbus A320 / A321neo;
A 5-month contract with a 2-month trial period (we intend to subsequently offer an indefinite contract if you successfully complete the course);
The first two months a training fee of € 2317.83 gross;
A starting salary of € 4743.29 gross;
An end-of-year bonus (8%), holiday allowance (8%) and a profit-sharing scheme;
A pension scheme;
A certification loss scheme;
Responsible and enthusiastic colleagues;
A stable and social employer;
Challenging and dynamic operation;
Excellent guidance in your development as a kite;
Ability to participate in ‘ Young Transavia ’;
We work hard but there is also hard laughter;
If you are also quite traveling in your spare time, our IPB scheme (flying at nice rates if space is available) is definitely worth it!

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