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First Officer (100%, all genders)

As a pilot, you represent SWISS. Together with the entire crew, you bring our guests to their destination safely and on time and you share responsibility for the aircraft, the crew, the passengers and the cargo on board. Other tasks are:

● Operates the SWISS aircraft in a safe and efficient manner, paying attention to punctuality, economy and high quality standards for our guests
● Flight preparation and execution according to SWISS specifications
● Cooperation with crew, ground staff and air traffic control
● Support and representation of the Commander in all matters
● Constant, independent maintenance and deepening of professional knowledge
● Responsible and sustainable action

The following criteria must be met to work as a pilot at SWISS:

Please note that direct entry applicants (valid Airbus type rating + ME/IR rating with PBN and at least 800h on type) have aseparate linkcan apply and be invited to the assessment with priority.

● ATPL(A), CPL(A)/IR oder MPL Lizenz (EASA Part-FCL)
● Advanced UPRT Training gem. EASA.FCL.745
●Gültiges Medical Class 1 Certificate
● Completely documented proof of performance (extract from flight log, license, etc.)
●Swiss citizenship or EU-27/EFTA passport
●Very good language skills in German (at least language level B2 must be proven, if German is not your native/everyday language) and good conversational skills in English (at least ICAO level 4)
● Impeccable reputation
● Integral, mature, loyal personality with social skills and leadership potential
● General willingness to be vaccinated with vaccines approved in Switzerland (including COVID-19, yellow fever, etc.)
● Height: 160-198cm
● Earliest start of work: September 2023

To apply for this job please visit

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