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Commander Pilot of A-320 aircraft

Description and requirements:Airline Bulgaria Air announces vacancies for the position Commander Pilot and Co-pilot of A-320 aircraft

The applicants must meet the following requirements:

● Own a valid certificate of airworthiness EASA CPL (A) (including RTO and IR (A)/PBN/MEA); ATPL(A);
● Own medical certificate EASA class 1;
● Have successfully passed an English language exam in accordance with the requirements of ICAO level 4 or higher;
● A valid aircraft type rating is an advantage;
● Skills in written and spoken Bulgarian are taken as an advantage;
● For Commander Pilot with certificate for A320 is required to have 4000 hours minimum, 1500 of which as Commander hours for aircraft over 25 tons and 500 hours minimum as a Commander of aircraft type A320.
● For Commander with certificate for the Airbus family (330/340/350/380) 500 hours minimum as a Commander of Airbus (330/340/350/380) and 1000 minimum as a Commander of aircraft over 25 tons.
● For the Co-pilot is required to have 1500 hours minimum.
● The Co-pilot must have passed theoretical training and must have passed successfully an ATPL exam.
● The Co-pilot must have certificate for successfully completed training for multi-crew cooperation (MCC);
● The Co-pilot must have a certificate for Jet Familiarization Course;
If you like to join our team, please send us:

● Current photo;
● Motivational letter where you must indicate the position you are applying for;
● A copy of the certificate of airworthiness;
● A copy of the medical certificate;
● A copy of the last four pages of the logbook;
● Two recommendations from a manager;
● A copy of the judicial record;
● A document confirming the absence of aviation accidents;
● A document from the last employer declaring the work period, the functions of the applicant and the flight hours in the respective company.

To apply for this job please visit www.air.bg.

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