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First Officer - E-Jet family E170/190

Minimum requirements
Be in possession of at least the Theoretical of the title of airline transport pilot (ATPL), or title of commercial pilot (CPL), or pilot license with multiple flight crew (MPL), current instrumental flight (IR) qualification and a certificate of completion of the MCC course or equivalent.
Comply with the operational suitability data (OSD) for the type rating of the aircraft to be operated, whether the type enablement course is combined with operator conversion training or access the operator with a type rating of any of the aircraft Binter operates Airlines.
Have the flight hours required to obtain the CPL license;
In case of MPL license count 70 flight hours:
– 1) as a pilot in command, or
– 2) accumulate at least 10 hours as a pilot in command and the additional flight time as a pilot in command under supervision (PICUS).
Of these 70 hours, 20 will be voyage time in VFR as pilot-in-command, or cruise flight time consisting of at least 10 hours as a pilot in command and 10 hours as a pilot in command under
supervision. This will include a voyage flight in VFR of at least 540 km (300 NM) during which full stop landings will be carried out as pilot-in-command at two different airfields.
Current class 1 medical certificate.
Have been evaluated, in accordance with the applicable requirements of Annex IV ( Part MED ) of Regulation ( EU ) No. 1178/2011, as physically and mentally fit to carry out their duties and to carry out their responsibilities safely.
Have a passport from a member country of the European Union with a validity of more than 6 months.
Have at least ICAO level 4 language proficiency in English and level 5 in Spanish.
Be free of criminal records in the last 5 years.

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