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First Officer (Global 5000)

First Officer (Global 5000) | DC Aviation Al Futtaim | Dubai UAE

About the Role

The First Officer is the direct deputy of the commander, and assumes the responsibility for aeroplane, crew and passenger during the absence of the commander.


Primary Duties

Execute the orders of the commander, support him in his decisions with all information available to him and submit his own thoughts and recommendations to the conduct of the flight. This requires him to pay close attention to the flight progress in order to be able to take over control anytime.
Calculate the take-off data.
Familiarise himself with the technical status of the aeroplane.
Compare the fuel quantity on board with the quantity designated on the OFP. The co-pilot shall draw the attention of the commander to all observed discrepancies, if these could have an impact on the regular progress of the flight.
Shall acquire sufficient knowledge concerning the route and the aerodromes to be used.
Participate in the crew briefing. Ensure that a flight- and weather briefing is conducted. Check the weather reports and evaluate the weather situation. Bear responsibility to familiarise himself with all documentation and information.
Check that the required documentation is up to date and performs the required revisions in coordination with the commander.
Review the OFP and ATS documents before they are signed by the commander.
Ensure that all flight-documents are complete and available on board.
Support and supplement the flight documentation (e.g. OFP, flight log) in co-operation with the other flight crew members.
Assist the commander in completing the flight documents and forward the same.
Minimum Qualifications / Experience:

Valid ICAO CPL License
Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate
Current Type Rating on Global 5000
Minimum experience (Total Time) 1000 hours; 200 hours on Global 5000

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