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Airline Pilot Officer (F/M)

Become an Airline Pilot at HOP!
Airline pilot is a very demanding job that requires a real passion for flying, enthusiasm and commitment, but also intellectual, psychological and physical skills. It also requires a good practice of English.

Above all responsible for the safety of passengers, the airline pilot is in charge of piloting, navigation, management of radio communications and technical monitoring of the aircraft.

You will begin your pilot career at HOP! by the function of Line Pilot Officer (OPL). After a few years of experience, you will have the opportunity to access the selections to become Captain (CO).

You have a passion for aviation, enthusiasm for the profession of airline pilot, the desire to join a company where women and men share the pride of working together, then join us!

Requirements to apply
● Hold the ATPL or a valid CPL/IRME.
● Hold the theoretical ATPL issued by an ATO certified by one of the Member States of the European Union and currently valid.
● Possess valid “class 1” medical aptitude.
● Be of French nationality, of one of the other Member States of the European Community or of the Swiss Confederation.
● Fluent in French. Candidates who do not have French nationality must hold FCL 055 level 6 in French.
● Do not fail in HOP training! and Air France.
● Having a first experience on a CS-25/CS-23 type aircraft is a plus.
● Hold a crew training certificate (MCC).
● Justify a level greater than or equal to 5 on the language skills assessment scale: valid FCL 055 / 055D.
● Have a TOEIC Test score greater than or equal to 850, dating back less than 2 years at the time of selection.
● Since December 20, 2019, for pilots who do not have a first QT CS 25, you must be in possession of an EASA Advanced UPRT training certificate.

New condition:
Candidates who have already been postponed twice at the end of the Psy 2 Cadet Air France, can now apply once for a pilot selection HOP! ; after 3 years and with a minimum of 1500 flight hours.

To apply for this job please visit www.hop.fr.

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