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Airline pilot M/F

Flight Crew – Airline Pilot

Socio-Professional Category

Presentation of the context

Description of the mission
Airline pilot is a very demanding job that requires a real passion for flying, enthusiasm and commitment, but also intellectual, psychological and physical skills. It also requires a good practice of English .

Above all responsible for the safety of passengers, the airline pilot is in charge of the piloting, navigation, management of radio communications and technical monitoring of the aircraft.

Pilots are divided into two categories: Captain (CB) and Line Pilot Officer (OPL).

The Captain has authority over all the crew and passengers. He/she takes all the necessary decisions, from the preparation to the closing of the flight. Its top priority is to ensure the safety and security of the flight.

The Line Pilot Officer (or co-pilot) is second in the crew in the hierarchical order. The crew is always made up of a Captain and at least one Airline Pilot Officer.

Required profile

To submit your application, you must create your file by clicking on the button: “I apply for this job”.

Applying to this offer is the only way to submit your application. Applications sent by mail will not be processed.

This approach is essential whatever your training course and your status: new candidate, candidate who has already submitted an application or who has already participated in a Pilot selection.


To submit your application, several conditions are required :

• hold the ATPL or a valid CPL/IRME.

• hold the theoretical ATPL issued by an ATO certified by one of the Member States of the European Union.

• have valid “class 1” medical aptitude.

• hold a certificate of satisfactory follow-up of a crew training course (MCC)

• justify a level greater than or equal to 5 on the language skills assessment scale: FCL 055 / 055D currently valid

•have a TOEIC Test score greater than or equal to 850, less than 2 years old at the time of selection

• send 1 copy of the last 2 pages of your sworn certified flight log.

• send 1 certificate from the employer validating these flight hours.

• be of French nationality, of one of the other Member States of the European Community or of the Swiss Confederation.

• be able to express yourself fluently in the French language. Candidates who do not have French nationality must hold FCL 055 level 6 in French.

•not to have already been adjourned twice in shrink 2 to an Air France selection.

•not have failed in Air France or Transavia training

ATTENTION, new condition:

– Candidates who have already been postponed twice at the end of the Psy 2 Cadet, can now apply once for a PRO pilot selection; after 3 years and with a minimum of 1500 flight hours.

To be eligible for selection, you MUST:


Attach all the documents mentioned above in your Candidate Space, with the exception of the TOEIC, which you can add upon receipt of your summons to Psy1.


From December 20, 2019, for pilots who do not have a first QT CS 25, be in possession of an EASA Advanced UPRT training certificate and 70H PIC or EASA equivalents.


the complete course includes in 4 stages :

• psychotechnical and psychomotor tests at ENAC (Psy 1)

•personality inventories (Psych 2)

• group tests and interview (Psych 2)

• possibly a test on a flight simulator

• The validity of each of these tests is 2 years, which can be exceptionally extended by decision of the selection service,

Depending on the result obtained in the PSY1 tests, you will or will not be invited to the PSY2 tests.


Type of Contract

Possible part time

Type of schedules
Candidate profile
Education level min. required
Baccalaureate standard

French (4 – Bilingual / C2)
Languages ​​- Additional Information
Minimum score required for the TOEIC in English (dating back less than 2 years)
More than 850
Position location
Position location
France, Ile-de-France


To apply for this job please visit recrutement.airfrance.com.

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