First Officers – EMB120, Beech 1900D

3rd December 2015

First Officers – EMB120, Beech 1900D

First Officers – EMB120, Beech 1900D

Areas of Accountability/Essential Functions:

Assists or relieves the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) in manipulation of the flight controls of an aircraft while underway: including taxiing, take-off and landing of such aircraft, and who is properly qualified and designated by the company to serve as and holds the airman certificate authorizing him to serve as such SIC
Assists the PIC to ensure that the flight is in compliance with the FAR’s and company operating policies and procedures
Acts as Second-in-Command of the aircraft and assumes the duties of the Pilot-in-Command should the PIC become incapacitated or unable to perform these duties
Assists the PIC in conducting the flight safely and efficiently
Maintains current knowledge of general subjects and aircraft-related information as they apply to the position
Assists the PIC and/or passenger service personnel as needed to ensure a prompt departure
Conducts the preflight inspection as assigned
Supervises fueling, ground power unit, baggage loading and appropriate servicing of aircraft
Meets and maintains the recent flight experience requirements as outlined in Part 61
Maintains company manuals with all revisions
Complies with all Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s), all Company policies and procedures
Performs additional duties as assigned by Chief Pilot and/or the Director of Operations


Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
Ability to communicate professionally in both oral and written formats
Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with team members
Ability to learn and understand requirements outlined in Company Manuals as they apply
Strong knowledge of FAA Regulations (FAR’s)

High school diploma or equivalent
Four-year degree preferred
Must be able to speak, read, write, and understand English proficiently
Working Conditions/Physical Requirements:

Working indoors and outdoors in all types of weather
Moderate to high noise levels; use of hearing protection equipment required
Frequent sitting, standing, walking, speaking bending, reaching, climbing stairs, kneeling/crouching, twisting, walking, pushing, and pulling
Frequent writing and reading
May be exposed to chemicals
Other Requirements:

First Officers, Pilot Job Details, Other Requirements:

• FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument Rating
• Current Class 1 Medical
• At least 35 hours logged in the last 90 days
• Multi-engine current (3 take-offs/landings in last 90 days)
• Instrument current (6 approaches in last 6 months)
• ATP Written preferred
• Legally authorized to work in the United States
• 121 Carrier with Part 135 Operation Specifications.

Transportation to the interviews (if selected) is not provided. Additionally class, if selected, lasts 8-12 weeks and is unpaid. However, if selected, hotel accommodations are provided for during class.

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