First Officers B787

20th December 2016

First Officers B787

First Officers B787

Job description

Rishworth Aviation on behalf of Norwegian are now looking for First Officers to operate on the Norwegian Boeing 787 aircrafts.


Minimum requirements for Norwegian Boeing 787 First Officer:

EASA License
EASA Medical Class 1
1,500 hours total time
1,000 hours on any EFIS jet aircraft

We offer

Successful applicants will be employed by Rishworth Aviation’s subsidiary Global Crew. Boeing 787 flight crew with Global Crew are based at London Gatwick, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris and Bangkok.

Duty period starts and finishes at the base you are assigned.
Minimum of ten days off per calendar month.
28 days of annual leave per calendar year.
Please contact Rishworth Aviation for further information regarding contract terms and conditions (contact details to the right).

Training cost bond:
For pilots not current on B787 or B777 it is necessary to provide a training cost bond, being paid back or decreasing by 1/3 each year over three years.

The recruitment process
The first step is to fill out and submit your CV and application. You will then receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your application. In addition you will be sent an invitation to do five online tests. You will not advance to the next step until the online tests are completed. Are you successful in the online tests, you will not hear from the recruitment team unless you proceed to the next step or we need more information from you. With the large amount of applications we receive, it may take long time until you proceed to the next step. Please note that it is an ongoing recruitment process. Interviews and simulator assessments will be held in Oslo, Stockholm or London.

To be considered for the position you need to register your different flight hours in your CV in Webcruiter under the section “Competence”. Please list all your flight hours as detailed as you can. Norwegian would like to see your hours broken down into as many categories as possible (aircraft type and PIC/SIC). PICUS hours shall be registered as SIC hours. Please also fill out all other sections in Webcruiter as detailed as possible. You also need to upload a copy of your flying license, a copy of your passport, a picture of you, and your own produced CV/Resume, all under the section “Attachments”.  In addition, you should upload any other document you find relevant.

Rishworth Aviation will answer all your queries relating to the contract, employment and training cost bond (contact details to the right).

If you do a significant update to your Webcruiter data, such as changing employer, type of aircraft or rank, please also send an email to with that information.

Applications can only be made through this website. Applications received via other sources (e.g. by phone, direct e-mail contact or through Norwegian employees) will not be accepted. Please note that due to the high volume of applications, reasons for unsuccessful applications will not be provided by Norwegian.
Equal opportunities principles will be applied throughout the process.

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