16th December 2015



The ExecuJet Aviation Group is a multi-national business aviation enterprise with associated companies in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. We are active in all aspects of the business aviation industry including executive air charter, aircraft management, maintenance and flight support services.

The ExecuJet Aviation Group is currently seeking a suitably qualified person to fill a vacancy within the Flight Operations Department in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


The main objective of the position is for setting and maintaining operational standards as set out by ExecuJet Flight Operations policies and approved manuals to all Flight Crew Members engaged by the Company.


  • As per ExecuJet Middle East Flight Operations Manual.
  • Liaise with passengers or aircraft owner, when an aircraft defect or other operational issue may affect the aircrafts schedule.
  • Be responsible for the aircraft IAW WJME COM / POM, depending on aircraft registry, including but not limited to; Operations, FDP and Safety.
  • Ensure that the aircraft is operated IAW EJME COM or POM, depending on aircraft registry, including SOP’s.
  • Be familiar with EJME COM / POM, company OI’s and Civil Aviation regulations for which the aircraft is registered, and operate accordingly.
  • Responsible for all decisions made on board the aircraft.
  • Aircraft paperwork is in order before departure.
  • Aircraft is airworthy before departure.
  • Create a safe and professional environment on-board with emphasis on good CRM.
  • Ensure that the passengers travel documents are correct before departure.
  • Ultimate responsibility for the passenger, and that the passengers adhere to FA instructions. If operating with an ISP, the Captain will ensure that all briefings and cabin security checks are conducted by either himself or assigned to the co-pilot.
  • Brief passengers on journey time, en-route weather, possible delays and anything else pertinent to the flight.
  • Ensure that the crew are presentable and that the crew, at no time, damage the reputation or image of ExecuJet Middle East.
  • Report any abnormalities, events, incidents or accidents, via the correct channels.



  • Education/Qualification JAA/FAA/ICAO ATPL
  • Work Experience To meet EJAG minimums, Middle East, International.
  • Fluent English Language
  • IT Basic skills – Word & Excel
  • Professional, Flexibility, Team player but works well without constant supervision. Proactive and able to work under pressure.
  • Minimum 2,000 Hrs Total time;
  • 1,500 Hrs Multi Engine time;
  • 1,500 Multi-Pilot;
  • 1,000 Hrs Jet Time;
  • 100 Hrs on Type;
  • Must have a BD-700 type rating;
  • Operational base is Dubai, UAE.

Meets the ExecuJet Aviation Group requirements as applicable


  • Current on type if possible
  • Corporate Aviation preferred

Closing Date For Applications: 22 December 2015

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