First officer CRJ900

October 31, 2022

First officer CRJ900

first officer CRJ900

We are looking forward to welcome new applicants to an inspiring and giving job as a pilot with Cimber. As a pilot in Cimber you will normally start your career as first officer on CRJ900, but applicants with more than 2500hr. total time and more than 1000hr. on jet or turboprop above 20 tons may expect a fast upgrade to Captain.

A promotion to Captain is always preceded by a Captain Candidate Course. As captain you are not only responsible for the assigned aircraft, crew and passengers, but are the Team Leader for the entire departure process supported by innovative new technology.

Should you feel for additional career challenges there are several opportunities in Cimber (based on availability). Cimber has pilots in many operational, administrative and training positions. Currently applicants with instructor certificates as TRI/TRE are of special interest.

In Cimber we believe that training is a very important part of our operations. We continuously strive to improve our training methods in order to ensure the best possible training within the company. A team oriented approach is fundamental and governs all training of flight and cabin crew.

Cimber is a Danish regional airline operating 12 CRJ900 jet aircraft.  We take pride in flying 2 million travelers to their destination each year. As part of the SAS Group, our vision is to make life easier for Scandinavia´s frequent travelers and with Cimber, you become part of a community delivering easy, joyful and reliable services the Scandinavian way.

We are currently wet leasing our fleet 100% to SAS with future potential plans of expanding our network. In Scandinavia, SAS is the single largest airline with a market share of about one-third of the total air travel market. Each year almost 30 Million passenger’s travel with SAS to destinations in Europe, USA and Asia.SAS is a member of Star Alliance™ and, together with 27 partners, they offer 1300 destinations worldwide in 193 countries.

Our airline bases its operation out of Copenhagen’s Airport Kastrup and operating an average of 80 flight daily to destinations mainly in Scandinavia, and North Europe.

Qualifications for Pilot

Education Level

  • Equivalent to Studentereksamen (Denmark)
  • Grundläggande behörighet för högskolestudier (Sweden)
  • Generel studiekompetanse (Norway)
  • Baccalaureat or equivalent (France)
  • Equivalent to Upper secondary school leaving examination (Other countries)


Cimber will select the most suitable applicants for processing. The marks will be evaluated as part of the applicants’ total evaluation – for applicants with no or limited supplementary education and/or experience such marks will have significance.


Fluency in one of the Scandinavian languages ( Berlitz level 4) to be documented before assessment.
Fluency in spoken and written English.


Minimum 157 cm maximum 200 cm.

License requirements

Only applicants with a valid EASA or JAR-FCL license will be accepted.
Applicants must hold one of the following licenses:

  • EASA or JAR-MPL(A)
  • EASA or JAR-CPL(A), with completed ATPL theory and MCC course

In all three cases the applicant must possess a valid IR(A)ME, a General Flight Radiotelephone Operator Certificate ( GEN ) and an ICAO Language proficiency to level 5 .

Note: You must convert your license to a Scandinavian EASA license, i.e. from Denmark, Norway or Sweden before your start as a pilot in Cimber (as applicable).


Typerating on CRJ900 is not a requirement, but will be preferred.

Medical requirements

Applicants must hold a valid Part-MED Medical Class 1

Flight time requirements

No specific flight time requirements exist.


An applicant is required to provide Cimber with an updated copy of his/hers criminal record from all countries of residence for the past 5 years.

Recruiting process

Applicants selected for the Cimber pilot recruitment (with an initial online application) will be subject to a pre-assessment test, personality questionnaire, simulator assessment and operational interviews.
Applicants will be scheduled to undergo the pre-assessment test and personality questionnaire prior to attending the simulator assessment and interview. The test and questionnaire is web based and can be completed from any computer with internet access.
The assessment process is a two-day event. Day one is a simulator assessment. A predetermined standard profile is flown in accordance with information provided to the applicant in advance. The session is monitored and assessed by a simulator assessor (a Cimber pilot).
On day two you will meet two operational interviewers from Cimber and participate in a group exercise with your fellow applicants.
Expect to be occupied for a full day with time to socialize with your possible future colleagues.
A general briefing including terms and conditions for an employment in Cimber is given on the day of the interview. There will be people to answer any questions regarding Cimber you might have. There will be two operational interviews per applicant with duration of approximately one hour each. The interviews will be performed by two operational interviewers from Cimber.
The final part of the process will be a recruitment board where it will be decided you will be approved for a possible employment in Cimber. The result of the board meeting will be forwarded to all applicants by e-mail.

If you consider yourself being structured, proactive, goal oriented with an international mindset and fulfill above job qualifications, we would like to invite you to apply by clicking the APPLY 

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