First Officer A320 (non-rated)

October 31, 2022

First Officer A320 (non-rated)

First Officer A320



  • Minimum 1000 hours MEP OR 500 hours ME turbo-prop OR turbo-jet *
  • Minimum EASA/JAR FCL1 CPL with ATPL theory knowledge completed or Macedonian/Serbian/Ukrainian equivalent
  • A valid MCC certificate and course program (if applicable) **
  • A valid JOC certificate and course program (if applicable) **
  • Valid and current JAR-25 (CS25) type , or an ME/IR ***
  • Last flight within preceding 12 months (on SEP, MEP or current JAR-25 (CS25) type)
  • Minimum ICAO level 4 English Proficiency


* Aircraft flying time is time flown in an aircraft. Simulator time must not be included in this time.

** An MCC course certificate is required if a multi-crew (JAR-25) aircraft has not previously been flown. A JOC course certificate is required if a turbo-jet aircraft has not previously been flown.

*** For Non Type Rated and cadet level pilots, a minimum 3 month validity on the type rating or ME-IR is required for completion of the Airbus Type Rating Course. The IR must be valid until the completion of the skills test.

Recruitment process:
If you are interested in joining the dynamic team of Wizz Air, please fill out our application form, and attach our pilot datasheet. Please be advised, that we accept applications with the pilot data sheet enclosed only.

Any application received which does not have the correct attachment will not be considered. Please be advised that we will invite only selected candidates to an interview. A candidate whom we extend an offer will need to present a clear criminal record and license verification with clean accident/incident history (from the home country) before signing the contract.

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