CL604 Non Type Rated First Officers

October 31, 2022

CL604 Non Type Rated First Officers

CL604 Non Type Rated First Officers

The Swiss rescue flight guard Rega specializes in the rescue and transport of patients at home and abroad. Thanks to the large number of almost 3.3 million patrons, Rega can provide medical assistance around the clock.

To complete their team at the Rega Center Kloten their are looking for Summer / Fall 2017 experienced and motivated CL604 Non Type Rated First Officers.

Minimum requirements:

  • A completed vocational training or a higher school certificate
  • Valid CH.FCL Professional Pilot License with Valid Authorizations for Multi-Engine Aircraft CPL (A), IR (A) & MEP (or higher)
  • Completed ATPL (A) theory test (frozen ATPL (A)) and with entry in the license
  • Completed MCC course with MCC license entry or experience in a multi pilot cockpit with MCC license entry
  • Minimum Language Proficiency: English Level 4
  • Medical Class 1
  • Minimum 150 aircraft flying hours, of which at least 100 hours PIC
  • Fluent in German Language


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