CAPTAINS B757/767/777 & ERJ 145

28th July 2016

CAPTAINS B757/767/777 & ERJ 145

CAPTAINS B757/767/777 & ERJ 145

Rating B 757/767 EASA.
Rated B 777 EASA
rating ERJ 145 EASA
Base Madrid, Europe or one that requires operational.

B 757/767 Type Rating EASA
B 777 Type Rating EASA
ERJ 145 Type Rating EASA
Location base Madrid extensive worldwide outsation.

Minimum requirements

Possession of License – EASA into force.
Minimum 1000 hours PIC, 500 type rating.
Minimum 5000 hours total.
Minimum level of English ICAO 5 or higher.
Medical examination day.
Certificate of no criminal record.
Personal documentation / valid passport .
7000 hours total aircraft over 50 tonnes for the B 777 fleet.


Valid Licence – EASA.
Minimun 1000h PIC, 500h on fleet.
Minimun 5000h total.
English language proficiency ICAO Level 5 or above.
Valid medical certificate.
Criminal records certificate.
7000 h total jet airline transport on aircrafts over 50 tonnes (only B777 fleet

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