Captain A320 (non-rated)

5th December 2015

Captain A320 (non-rated)

Captain A320



  • Minimum EASA/JAR FCL1 (or Ukraine equivalent) ATPL
  • Minimum 3,500 factorized hours*
  • Minimum 1,500 hours JAR25 (CS25) Turbojet > 20 000 kgs AND minimum 1,000 hours PIC** on aircraft > 20,000kgs thereof 300 PIC** hours in the last 12 months
  • Valid and current ME-IR
  • Minimum ICAO level 4 English Proficiency


* Factorized h ours

Wizz Air applies factors to pilot flying hours to determine minimum requirements for Commanders. A pilot’s hours flown in each category are multiplied by the applicable factor from the below table. The sum of all groups after factorisation will be used to determine whether the pilot meets the minimum required experience.


Aircraft group PIC Other
Wizz Air 1
Airline Short-haul Jet 1 0.8
Airline Long-haul Jet 0.8 0.7
Airline Turbine (multi-crew) 0.8 0.7
Military Fast Jet 0.7
Single engine/rotary single pilot 0.3
Non-airline multi-engine 0.7 0.5



** PIC hours are pilot in command hours. This does not include PIC u/s hours.

Recruitment process

If you are interested in joining the dynamic team of Wizz Air, please fill out our application form, and attach our pilot datasheet. Please be advised, that we accept only the pilot datasheet as attachment.

Any application received which does not have the correct attachment will not be considered.

Please be advised that we will invite only selected candidates to an interview. A candidate whom we extend an offer will need to present a clear criminal record (from the home country) before signing the contract.




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