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Airline pilot is a very demanding job that requires a real passion for flying, enthusiasm and commitment, but also intellectual, psychological and physical abilities. He also asks for a good practice of English.

First and foremost responsible for passenger safety, the airline pilot is in charge of piloting, navigation, radio communications management and technical surveillance of the aircraft.

The pilots are divided into two categories: Captain (CDB) and Pilot Officer of Line (OPL).

The Captain has authority over the entire crew and passengers. He / she makes all the necessary decisions, from the preparation to the closing of the flight. Its top priority is to ensure the safety and security of the flight.

The Pilot Officer of the Line (or co-pilot) is second in the crew in the hierarchical order. The crew is always composed of a Captain and at least one Pilot Officer of Line.

Description of the mission


  • Be a national of the member countries of the European Economic Area or of Swiss nationality and speak fluently in the French language
  • Not having been postponed and / or eliminated twice to a “Air France Pilot” selection regardless of the sector
  • Not having been eliminated during a training Pilote Air France or Transavia
  • Meet one of the following conditions:
    • Have a bachelor’s degree and hold the theoretical ATPL issued by an approved school of a member state of the European Union and valid,
    • Or be in second year (first year completed and validated) preparatory class for the grandes écoles (including preparatory classes integrated engineering school),
    • Or have followed a course of study that has obtained in a scientific field a BAC + 2 or a minimum of 120 ECTS credits,
    • Or be in a Master’s degree (BAC + 4 / + 5) from a university or school (or graduate),
  • Have a minimum score of 850pts Listening and Reading (TOEIC) less than 2 years old
  • To have the medical aptitude without derogation of Class 2 delivered by an EASA / DGAC approved doctor.

In the event of a successful Air Cadet Cadet selection, a Class 1 medical examination will be required before entering the school internship.

A registration fee of € 160 applies to this application. Fellows of the French government (on social criteria) are exempt.

Nb: The candidates holding a MCC (Multi Crew Coordination) are invited to present themselves only by the “Professional Driver”.

Please note that for your application to be admissible you will need to attach the following documents:

– Your CV
– Your Letter of Motivation
– Your ID or Passport
– Your highest degree earned
– If applicable, your Bachelor’s degree and theoretical ATPL
– Your TOEIC result
– Your Class 2 (or more restrictive) medical license , class 1 and 3)
– If applicable, your certificate of scholarship holder of the French government (CROUS grant notification)
– A virgin criminal record (bulletin n ° 3)


Once your application has been registered, you will receive a confirmation email that will contain a link to access the payment platform.
In order to definitively validate your candidacy, you will have to connect to this platform to pay your registration fees or to indicate that you are a grant holder of the French government .

In the following days / weeks, you will be contacted by our presales provider who will invite you to connect to their digital platform in order to:
– Set up your computer for the passage of time. preselection test
– Take the preselection test

For any additional information you can log on to or contact us at the following address:

Required profile

You have little or no Pilot experience, the pilot Cadet sector allows you, after a training of 24 months entirely financed by Air France, to gain access to the profession of Pilot of Line.

To submit your application, you must build your file by clicking on the button: “I apply for this offer”.

Apply on this offer is the only way to apply. Applications sent by mail will not be processed.

This step is essential regardless of your training program and your status: new candidate, candidate who has already submitted a file or who has already participated in a Pilot selection.

Type of Contract

Professional contract

Schedule type


Languages ​​- Additional Information

Minimum score required for TOEIC in English (less than 2 years old)

More than 850

Location of the post

Location of the post

France, Ile-de-France, Val d’Oise (95)


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